How to change iBeacon configuration parameters

Our BlueBar Beacons are fully configurable and support setting all common iBeacon parameters to custom values. This includes UUID, Major, Minor, Advertising Frequency and Signal Strength. In order to do that you need to first download our configuration utility app – available both for iOS and Android. Use the buttons below to download the version for your device.


When you download and run the app it requires that you login with a ProximitySense account. ProximitySense is our cloud management platform that has advanced tools for beacon management at scale, handles beacon security and ownership and is provided to all our customers. Although it has some premium features, the configuration and beacon management functionality are provided for free and always will be.

Normally you don’t need to register a ProximitySense account – we create the account for you when you order your beacons. This allows us to simplify the onboarding process and to let you start playing with your beacons as soon as they hit your desk – they are already registered into the system and assigned to you. In case you don’t know your login details or are unsure how to proceed please get in touch – we will be more than happy to assist.