Frequently Asked Questions

There is no need to connect. The beacons work by broadcasting a set of preconfigured parameters. Smartphones can identify nearby beacons by only receiving the broadcast.

Depending on operating conditions it’s up to 100 meters.

Beacons themselves are passive devices, they don’t sense anything. A smartphone can be used to detect nearby beacons, and currently only proximity is supported since smartphones judge their relative distance by measuring the signal strength (RSSI)

BlueBar Beacon is currently natively supported on iOS 7, and needs a BLE enabled smartphone – iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+ gen. On Android third party libraries are needed, as the OS does not natively support Bluetooth LE beacons. Furthermore, BLE is onyl available on Android 4.3+

Older Android devices don’t support Bluetooth Low Energy, hence no BlueBar Beacon support is possible.

Examples are proximity messages, geofencing, location triggers etc.

3v Lithium CR2450

Our beacons are supported natively on iOS 7. We are also actively developing an SDK for iPhone and Android devices, pending immediate release.

Our beacons are powered by a secure firmware that has tamper and denial of service protection.

1 year standard warranty, which does not cover the battery and damage from the elements.