Welcome to the Future


InternetofThingsThe Future is bright, it is interconnected, smart and energy friendly and most importantly – it is closer than you think!

We envision a world, where we are surrounded by smart devices, accessible at a whim to help, empower and guide us. We believe in a living Internet of Things – a network of connected devices and services that allow us to reach further than our grasp. This symbiotic relationship is currently being born, more and more the devices we carry are equipped with sensors that react to touch, voice, gestures or even eye movement. Our environment is also being enriched with smart devices, such as automatic doors, parking sensors, smart road lights and more. We believe those devices will only get smarter and more powerful and will start to react not only to our presence and physical characteristics but to our intents and the context of our actions.

There is however a missing piece in the interconnected world puzzle. As our phones get smarter and more powerful, we are still lacking the ability to interact freely with the physical world around us. The everyday objects are very slow to adopt the power of context, they still lack a technology to give meaning to their function.  Our belief is that by creating a simple device that carries the missing context component and can be freely attached to anything we can empower people to do things beyond our imagination.

We assembled a team to address that need and Blue Sense Networks was born. We also built a device – a Bluetooth Low Energy beacon device. We have completed prototyping stage and we are in the process of commercializing it with the goal to make it available by the end of 2013.

Stay tuned – the future is already here!

Vladimir Petrov

Coder, Geek, Entrepreneur, co-founder of Blue Sense Networks